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Height: 5"3

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Hair Color: Dark / Shoulder 

Location: Boston MA


Dual Citizenship

Languages: French & English



Carlyne is a New England based bilingual actress, voice over artist, and producer who loves what she does. Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal, Carlyne has had a passion for film since she was eight years old - already then attending double feature presentations at local cinemas.


Over the years, Carlyne has gained several credits in the film and production industry, and was the recipient of several Film Festival Awards. She also received the "Best Supporting Actress" Award at the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival for her emotional role in "My Pretty Maura".


Some of her most notable projects include: producing the award-winning Music Video "Take my Keys" which promotes anti-teen drunk driving; "Spin The Plate" where she played Barbara Anderson - a tough defense attorney; "Justice is Mind" for her co-starring role as Dr. Pullman; "The Witching Hour" with actor Michael Madsen & William Forsythe; and "I am Monroe" as the paranoid schizophrenic Gladys Baker.


But Carlyne's true passion lies with films that shed light on social issues in hopes of provoking social change. She constantly seeks to combine her creative craft with the power of media to help educate and promote global awareness on important social issues. As such, in recent years Carlyne was involved - as an actor or producer - in projects depicting a variety of causes: “Remember When” an award winning film about Alzheimer’s ;  “Day One” a film about alcoholism recovery amongst teens; “Sunny Side Up” a feature about social anxiety; "Spin The Plate" an award- winning film about children sexual abuse; "Double Zero" a short film about Anorexia; "Theory of Conflict" a film on racial & ethnicity clashes amongst college students; "Silence" a feature exploring the tremendous impact of texting & social media on our lives;  and of course “Take my Keys” her music video promoting anti-teen drunk driving.


When not producing or working on improving her craft, Carlyne spends quality time with her family either in Quebec or at home by the ocean in Massachusetts.

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